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Mac OS X 10.6.2 Officially Drops Atom Support

Gordon Kelly


Mac OS X 10.6.2 Officially Drops Atom Support

Speculation has mounted that Apple was to pull Intel Atom processor support from Mac OS X 10.6.2, and so it has proved to be...

Early developer versions first alerted users of the move, before Atom support was reinstalled in subsequent builds, but now it is official: Apple doesn't want you hacking your netbooks.

Of course all speculation will be that Apple was fine with this initially as it didn't have a product in place to compete with the netbook format, but as 2010 approaches and iTablet speculation builds I'd suggest we've just seen the latest puff of smoke from a billowing fire. Away from this contentious issue 10.6.2 is mostly bug fixes and performance improvements, but you can find a full list of updates at the OS X 10.6.2 update page. So is all this part of an Apple master plan or is it just mean spirited? I suspect you'll all have an opinion...

In related news Lenovo is set to launch the first ThinkPad netbook in the shape of the 'X100e'. According to ThinkPadtoday.com 5 January is the official launch date and the company is said to be considering both Intel CULV and next generation Atom CPUs for a 12.1in machine. The report also says the machine is likely to carry a full edition of Windows 7 meaning it will not be constrained by 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD limits.

Personally it would be nice to see the ThinkPad quality brought to the netbook line, but I have to admit with Lenovo already shipping a range of netbooks (including the ION based S12), I'm not convinced it is entirely necessary.

Update: It seems hacks are already underway to restore Atom support in 10.6.2. If you're the type who enjoys a bit of hackintosh you'll already know where to look...


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Thinkpad rumours via Thinkpadtoday.com

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