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MSI X340 Battery, Keyboard & Price Improved


MSI X340 Battery, Keyboard & Price Improved

Sadly despite the hype suggesting it might be a serious contender to the MacBook Air, the MSI X340 fell a little short of the mark in our estimation. Luckily, MSI seems to have taken note of the complaints surrounding the laptop - pushing out a revised model featuring a number of improvements.

The keyboard, which was previously a bit flaky, has been improved upon, with the flex present on the original run on X340s notably decreased. Typing should be a much more pleasant experience on the revised X340, as a result.

Being comfortable for long term use will prove extra useful with the revised X340. MSI is now fitting an 8-cell battery as standard, which it's claimed provides eight hours 48 minutes of operation. Going by hour testing with the X340, seven hours region might be a little more realistic, though. Nonetheless it's an improvement so I won't knock it.

As well as bettering the X340 itself, MSI is also giving its price a work-over. In the US the MSRP is slipping from $899 (£545) to $799 (£485). In the UK, then, assuming we see the same change, we‘ll probably be looking at a £600-odd price tag, down from the £660-ish the X340 is currently available for.


Via Laptop Mag.

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