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MSI Wind12 U200 Breezes In


MSI Wind12 U200 Breezes In

The leaks were almost right. It's been a little more than a week, but MSI's U200 - the Wind12 U200 to give it its proper name - is indeed now out and it looks pretty set on further blurring the line between ‘proper' laptops and netbooks.

Despite its larger 12.1in, 1,366 x 768 pixel, display, MSI says the Wind12 U200 is similar in weight and volume to 10in systems - at 1.4kg it isn't what you'd call heavy. With a 1.4GHz Intel SU3500 processor, 4GB (at most) of RAM and GMA 4500 MHD graphics, the U200 should pack a fair bit more punch that any Atom-powered system.

Draft-N wireless is, unsurprisingly, featured with physical connectivity comprised of three USB ports, a 4-in-1 card reader and an HDMI output. MSI says the keys are 51 per cent larger, but forgoes saying what they're larger than, so that's helpful. We're presumably supposed to take it on faith that typing is a decent experience ont he U200, therefore.

With a 6-cell battery, the U200 will, says MSI, last around 6.5 hours. While that is bested by the likes of MSI's own U115, with its 10-hours of battery life, the U200 should win out significantly in terms of usability, thanks to its better specs. Which of those is more important is going to be a matter of personally preference, of course.



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