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MSI Shows Off All-In-Ones, Notebooks and Tablets

David Gilbert


MSI Shows Off All-In-Ones, Notebooks and Tablets

MSI unveiled its new line-up of notebooks and all-in-one devices powered by Intel’s next generation Sandy Bridge Platform at CES this week as well as the now ubiquitous Windows and Android tablets - which we reported back in December.

We had a look at all of the products MSI will be shipping in 2011 today at its booth at the convention centre in Vegas and the Taiwanese company has managed to harness the power of Intel’s latest chip, putting it to most effective power in it high-end gaming laptops, the G-Series. While we saw its 2011 line up, we were also given a glimpse of 2012 and beyond with some of its concept devices. These included two slim all-in-one PCs with the processing gubbins stuck in the stand to make the screen much slimmer. The screen itself can slide out to make it easier to type on the touchscreen. A tablet aimed at children was also on display with a shock and knock proof housing which can also be used as a handle. We saw the oval shaped tablet being banged around without any effect to the video playing on the screen.

Getting back to the present, the new all-in-one lineup includes the 21.5in Wind Top AE2210 and the 23.6in AE2410. Both new models feature MSI’s Super Charger Technology, which allows users to charge devices through one of its two USB 3.0 ports even while the computer is turned off. MSI also claim the USB 3.0 ports provide 40 percent faster recharging compared to a normal USB, and ultra-fast data transfer speeds.

Both models feature a 16:9 widescreen displays and a 1080p full HD, high resolution panel. With Sandy Bridge under the hood, MSI told us they don’t think gamers will need to upgrade to receive the benefits of a discrete graphics card. Quick Sync Video technology helps video editing, while Clear Video HD technology provides more detailed picture quality. The new AIOs are slated to ship in Q1 2011, with the AE2210 starting at $799.99 and the AE2410 starting at $899.99. The new AIOs did look seriously responsive and snappy when we had a look at them today and the new UI has been upgraded since we reviewed the AE2400 last November, and it has been tweaked specifically for the touch interface.

In the notebook section, MSI has launched the new addition to the G-Series of notebooks, the GT780 (17.3in), GT680 (15.6in), GE620 (15.6in) and GR620 (15.6in). The GT780 and GT680 both feature advanced DirectX 11-ready nVidia GeForce GTX 500 Series and 400 Series graphics cards along with Dynaudio speakers. MSI has also put its own Turbo Drive Engine (TDE) technology into these devices which instantly throttles up the system. In addition to accelerated dual SSD storage, the GT680 also includes 4 SO-DIMM DDR3 memory slots to boost system memory capacity to 16GB. The GR620 and GE620 are designed for more casual gamers but still include nVidia GeForce GT Series discrete graphics cards so they can boast to their friends. The GT680 will ship in late January, with a base price of $1,499.99; the GT780 is slated to ship in Q2 2011.

The four new F Series models are mutli-media notebooks with Intel’s Core processors inside along with GMA3000 display chips. The notebooks we saw were very good looking devices with virtual surround sound capabilities and impressive screens. The 17.6in FX720 and FR720, and 15.6in FX620 andFR620 models featuring the latest Intel Core i7 processor. The smallest form factor of the F Series, will be the 14in FX420, is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor. The new F Series models are scheduled to launch in Q1 2011, priced from $699.99.

Finally, MSI also unveiled two 10.1in tablets at CES, the WinPad 100A (Android) and WinPad 100W (Windows). While the 100A on display at CES was running Froyo, MSI promise it will be shipped with Honeycomb, similar to the unnamed Toshiba tablet we saw earlier in the week. Design wise it looks pretty sleek with a white border around the screen - making it look a little like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. As for the 100W, it runs Windows Home 7, but in terms of looks, we have to say it looked pretty weak in comparison to other tablets we have seen at CES but I guess we’ll have to wait to get a review copy before making a final judgement. Prices and dates for release have not been revealed but the Windows version is set to come to shops near you before its better looking Android brother.

Ours hands on video with all MSI’s new products will be coming shortly.

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