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MSI Look To The Future

David Gilbert


We love new ideas and while CES may have been a little lacking on the unique new products announcements, MSI did give us a peak at a trio of products it is working on for the near future – and we were impressed.

The two all-in-ones looked particularly impressive, building on MSI’s already considerable reputation in this area. The idea to put the Angellow’s gubbins in the stand seems like an obvious idea now but one which will impress those looking for more slender all-in-ones than are currently on the market. The sliding touchscreen keyboard on both is a genius move as typing on a stand-up screen is tiring and irksome. We’re not sure about the wireless tablets which accompany them but we’re sure MSI will have some unique uses for them by the time they come on the market.

As for the Kid Pad, it certainly is a novel idea and possibly one that could take off as a portable media play for children with the added bonus of some crash protection. It could be a device that is usually kept in a child’s bedroom but could be brought in the car, on holiday or on a plane to keep Junior happy. Pricing will obviously have to be right but as with the Angellow and Butterfly, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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