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MSI Launch New Range Of Laptops

David Gilbert


While most other manufacturers are slimming-down, scaling back and generally making things smaller, MSI continue to go in another direction, or two other directions to be precise – the G-series of high-end gaming laptops and the F-series of multimedia laptops.

Taking the G-Series first, MSI are making the bold claim that its top-of-the-range GT680 is the fastest laptop in the world and looking at its components, its probably true - of course a price point of $1,500 reflects this. Despite all the powerful components crammed into the GT680, it still remains an impressive-looking piece of kit as well as being seriously powerful.

The F-series is aimed at those looking to use their laptops to listen to music and play movies and although we were shown the virtual surround sound system, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference – however the booth was pretty crowded at the time so maybe we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Most of the new range of MSI laptops will ship by Q1 of 2011 with some to follow in Q2.

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