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MSI GX660 Gaming Notebook Wired for Sound


MSI GX660 Gaming Notebook Wired for Sound

MSI has unveiled the GX660R notebook that’s designed to delight gamers with both sight and sound.

The Taiwanese company has said that it has worked with international audio specialist Dynaudio to optimise the placement of the four speakers in the GX660R, and that over 1,200 hours’ worth of testing went into tuning the sound. There’s no mention of speaker power output in the press release, but it does list DTS Surround Sensation – DTS’s own take on pseudo surround sound. With all that effort, one would hope that it sounds pretty good.

Graphically, the GX660R is kitted out with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870, which is about as good as it gets for single chip portable gaming right now - and it’s what you’ll need to have anything like smooth frame rates if you want to game at native resolution on the large 15.6in 1,920 x 1080 display. There's no 3D shenanigans on offer here, but as befits a screen of this size and resolution a Blu-ray optical drive is fitted.

The Intel Core i7 720QM processor will do a good job of keeping things moving along nicely and you can fit up to 12G of DDR3 memory. It packs two 500GB hard disk drives in too, though setup in a rather pointless RAID 0 configuration – we rather see a single 1TB drive in there than run in RAID 0.

Naturally, that little lot will generate a fair bit of heat, so MSI offers its Cooler Booster technology, which as far as we can tell, turns on lots of fans when you press a button.

Connectivity wise you get N-Standard Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, an Express Card slot, a card reader and four USB ports – two of which are USB 3.0, so thumbs up there.

There’s a 9-cell battery, though we wouldn’t expect netbook-like staying power from it, and as it weighs 3.5Kg why would you want to carry it around anyway?

As long as you’re willing to part with £1,699 and don’t mind black faux carbon fibre with garish orange LEDs, then Micro Anvika will sell you one now.

Link: MSI GX660 page.

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