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MSI Cramming Pine Trail Into Wind U150


MSI Cramming Pine Trail Into Wind U150

MSI is looking to be first to market with a Pine Trail, apparently, with its Wind U150, set to launch at CES.

The Wind U150 (not pictured) will combine Intel's next-generation processor with Windows 7 and a 10in touch-sensitive display. Supposedly that screen will be resistive, not capacitive, so the funky multi-touch functions of Windows 7 won't be available - although I'm not convinced netbooks are particularly crying out for touchscreens anyway.

Interestingly, Intel has suggested before that Pine Trial will be available before the end of the year. The implication, then, is that either that launch has been delayed until next January ready for CES - which would make sense - or that MSI is confident no rival will have a system out sooner than it will, letting it snag that first-to-market accolade.

It's unclear as yet whether the U150 will come as a tablet - with a whizzy rotating screen, like Asus' T91 - or in a ‘normal' clamshell form factor. Either way, it seems likely MSI will accompany the U150 with other non-touchscreen netbooks, too.



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