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Split Personality


MSI Computex Goodies

As usual MSI had a plethora of new products on show both at its booth and its suite in the Hyatt Hotel. Of course there were some predictable showings, but also some unexpected gems nestling among the myriad of kit.

One such gem was a Radeon X800 card that was equipped with both AGP and PCI Express interfaces. It’s clear that a card like this will never see the light of day as far as retail sales go, but it was a very impressive concept nonetheless.

The main part of the graphics board looks pretty standard, but it doesn’t take long to notice that there are edge connectors on both the top and bottom of the card. Obviously one of the connectors is AGP while the other is PCI Express. The idea is that you could stick it in your current AGP motherboard and then when you upgrade to PCI Express you simply flip it over and use the PCI Express side.

When you’re as jaded as I am, it’s great to see such innovative design, even if it is just a bit of fun for the R&D department. That said, if a product like this had been available a year ago, there may have been quite a strong market for it.

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