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MSI Look To The Future

David Gilbert


MSI do All-In-One (AIO) computers very well and with a completely new user interface and a couple of new units, they will be hoping 2011 will build on previous successes.

As our demonstrator pointed out: “Without a good user interface it really is useless.” This is true and while the MSI-written UI is updated on these, and automatically on all other models, it is still some way short of a fully touch-specific UI. The two new units we saw, the 21.5in Wind Top AE2210 and the 23.6in AE2410 both aesthetically looked a lot better than the previous model, the Wind Top AE2400 which was a bit plasticy looking. While the two new models are more evolutionary than revolutionary, they do look like a step in the right direction, especially since they have Sandy Bridge under the hood.

The new AIOs are slated to ship in Q1 2011, with the AE2210 starting at $799.99 and the AE2410 starting at $899.99.

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