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MDA Touch 'Plus' Launched By T-Mobile In UK

Gordon Kelly


MDA Touch 'Plus' Launched By T-Mobile In UK

While we're big fans of HTC at TrustedReviews we were apathetic at best about its surprisingly popular Touch. We have far higher hopes of its sibling however which this week T-Mobile brings to the UK.

Leaving HTC's 'Touch Dual' brand behind to be re-christened the 'T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus', the handset writes many of the wrongs of its ever-so-mediocre predecessor. The most obvious being the addition of a physical sliding keypad with Blackberry-esque 'SureType' text entry.

Inside a number of vital boxes are ticked too: HSDPA makes a welcome appearance while WiFi remains along with Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR. A faster 400MHz CPU should make the general response far more snappy and the 2.6in QVGA display is a beauty. An updated version of HTC's TouchFLO interface is onboard too and comes complete with iPhone-style gesture control, including swiping to scroll through contacts and using two fingers to zoom into photos. Finally, there's a beefier multimedia player with enhanced codec support (including AVI).

As for what T-Mobile brings to the package, well - as usual - you get access to the telco's industry leading Web n Walk flat rate data service and its Mobile TV offerings (which incorporate Sky Sports and MTV). Availability is expected before the end of the month and while pricing hasn't been revealed, any decent monthly contract isn't likely to leave it costing much.

Looks like HTC has done for the original Touch what Ronald D. Moore did for Battlestar Galactica...


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