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Lovefilm Expands Its Service To Oregan's Onyx Browser

David Gilbert


Lovefilm Expands Its Service To Oregan's Onyx Browser

Lovefilm has today launched its WatchNow video services on Oregan Networks’ Onyx media browser, which they hope will further increase its presence on a broader cross section of internet-connected televisions and set-top boxes.

The new partnership with Oregan Networks, who are a leading developer of media browsing technologies for connected TVs, will broaden Lovefilm’s current service distribution to new connected devices including Cello iViewer televisions and Digital Stream DPS-1000 set-top boxes. The Lovefilm WatchNow application for Onyx media browser-powered devices is available both as a pre-installed app for newly manufactured TVs and set top boxes, as well as a remote upgrade to existing devices in consumers’ homes. Lovefilm already offers thousands of movies and TV episodes to watch online via the Lovefilm Player and on internet-connected devices including Sony and Samsung televisions and more recently the PlayStation 3.

Announcing the new service, Simon Calver, CEO of Lovefilm, said: “Oregan and Lovefilm have combined their leading technologies and content to create an application for an open platform meaning that we now have the ability to easily – and quickly – offer the Lovefilm service through even more internet-connected devices in the future.” Milya Timergaleyeva, Oregan Networks VP of Market Strategy, added: “We look forward to working alongside Lovefilm to grow an already successful service by providing an app that will further open up consumer choices and variety of entertainment.”

Earlier this year we saw Lovefilm being taken over by Amazon and this latest launch could be one of a number of announcements we could be seeing in the coming months regarding Lovefilm’s online presence.

Source: Lovefilm

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