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Lovefilm Coming to PS3 from November


Lovefilm Coming to PS3 from November

The Lovefilm movie streaming service is coming to the PlayStation 3 for UK users, according to reports. The information was revealed in a video posted to the official PS3 channel on YouTube, though the video has since been pulled.

The Lovefilm service will be added via a software update to the PS3 Media Cross bar, enabling customers with a Lovefilm account to stream movies directly to the console. As you would expect there will be free trials available for those that haven’t signed up before, while existing users will be able to manage their Lovefilm accounts via the PS3.

The move has been long awaited for UK users, and brings parity with the US, which has long had Netflix access via the PS3. However, we’ll have to wait and see how enticing the costs and packages are. The PS3 already has a movie streaming service via Sony’s own PlayStation Network but hopefully we’ll see a greater range of titles available via Lovefilm.

Xbox 360 owners who are also Sky subscribers already have access to movie streaming service via Sky Player, and Microsoft’s Zune Pass service, which enables Xbox 360 users to rent movies, is being launched in conjunction with Windows Phone 7.

Link: Image via EverythingPlaystation.

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