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London Tube Gets Wi-Fi Trial


London Tube Gets Wi-Fi Trial

The promise of internet access on the tube has just moved a step closer as BT has announced a six month trial of Wi-Fi access – but only at Charing Cross underground station.

Underground users will be able to access the internet on the platform when standing on the Northern and Bakerloo lines and also in the main ticket hall of the station.

The service will be free for BT broadband customers, with BT Fon minutes and also for BT Openzone customers. Anyone with free Wi-Fi minutes on O2, Tesco Mobile, Vodafone and Orange will also be able to connect.

"An ever growing commuter populace has been clamouring to be able to check their e-mails and browse the net whilst on the go,” said Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor of London's Transport advisor.

This is an important step towards seeing how this could be achieved and is part of the Mayor's ambition to examine the way in which we can use technology to adapt the city's transport system to meet the need of those using it," he said.

This is definitely a positive step – especially as it’s for internet access rather than voice calls. Standing in a crowded carriage full of people on the phone is clearly a nightmare scenario. Checking emails and sending texts however, would be a welcome step, so let’s hope this trial succeeds. And that everyone doesn’t just start using VoIP instead.

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