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Logitech Wireless Mouse Designed For Your Living Room

David Gilbert


Logitech Wireless Mouse Designed For Your Living Room

Couch surfing means different things to different people. Some see it as a way of travelling the world without ever having to shell out money for a hotel room, while others see it as a way of checking their emails while never leaving the comfort of their leather recliner.

Logitech’s new wireless mouse, the M515, is squarely aimed at the latter, though we’re sure some of the former would enjoy this device should they find themselves in a house belonging to the latter. With the advent of smart TVs, for better or worse, the way we connect to them has become something of a hot topic. Logitech’s solution is to produce a mouse designed to work specifically on soft furnishings so you don’t need a mouse mat or hard surface for it to work properly.

The M515 features a sealed bottom case that makes gliding on fabric easy, and a hand-detection sensor so the mouse is only active when you want it to be. "Millions of people are connecting their computer to the TV, and the M515 mouse was built to address the unique needs of this experience," said Marcus Harvey, General Manager UK, Logitech.

The sealed bottom means nasty things like fabric fibres, crumbs or bellybutton fluff won’t get inside to scramble the innards. The hand-detection technology means the mouse will only become active when you need it to and stays asleep otherwise. This also helps battery life with Logitech claiming up to two years per battery change.

The M515 boasts "Hyper-fast Scrolling" and allows for easy plug-and-play with your laptop/TV/home theatre setup via the small Unifying receiver, to which other devices such as keyboards can be added. The wireless mouse is expected to be available in Europe in April for a suggested retail price of £49.99.

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