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Logitech Revue Google TV Box Goes on Sale in US


Logitech Revue Google TV Box Goes on Sale in US

The first Google TV product has been officially unveiled in the US as the Logitech Revue. The set-top box enables users to find content via Google style searching, whether it’s stored online or in your home.

The set-top box costs $299, and is supplied with a Qwerty keyboard with an integrated touchpad controller. The box connects to the home router and the TV, and enables users to search via a keyboard for content regardless of whether it’s located on traditional broadcast TV, online, or stored on local media devices in your home.

It’s initially compatible with Dish DVRs in the US, but Google said it will be expanded to other boxes down the line. The service also supports streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and Napster.

Also offered are a number of accessories such as a shrunk down mini-controller keyboard, and a 720p capable webcam, enabling easy video calls via your TV. These will cost $149. There will also be Harmony remote control apps for the iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices. Google said that support for Android Marketplace apps will arrive later.

Logitech Revue and the accessories are now ready to pre-order in the US from the likes of Amazon and Best Buy, and will be shipping by the end of the month.

We wait with interest to see if Google TV comes over to the UK, and if so, which services it will be integrated with as it could be a serious marketing tool for either Sky or Virgin to offer exclusive support.

Link: Logitech Revue page.

Hamish Campbell

October 8, 2010, 12:54 pm

err...isn't that a lot of money?


October 8, 2010, 3:04 pm

@haim - Well its cheaper and (supposedly) simpler than a HTPC!

Personally tho I agree, it does seem a lot. I picked up the new Apple TV last week when I was in the US (because its just so much cheaper) , and I mostly plan to use it for renting occasional films from iTunes and for when Airplay comes in so I can send videos to my TV from browsing on the iPhone. The extra functionality of the Google Box doesnt really interest me (especially since in the UK we dont have Netflix ect) so the extra $200 isnt worth it IMO

I am hoping that both the ATV and Google Box get their respective app stores out ASAP (assuming one is coming for Apple) as I think the app support will be what decides the wo



October 8, 2010, 5:26 pm

So I have watched a few videos and read a number of articles regarding Google TV but I'm still unsure as to why I would want it. It's is pretty expensive but more than that I gather it is to replace your content provider like sky or virgin. Now I know they have come out and said it "compliments" these services but surly the end game is to not need those at all.

So if you do end up using it more and more over, say, a 12 month period, how much data would you be burning through? Would you ISP ring you up 5 days into your next monthly sub to say you have burned through 20gig of data and to cut it the hell out? If more content was HD than you could get on TV and was ondemand then why would you bother with normal TV? You would want to use Google TV but then it would be really limited as just a few hours of HD content a night would add up to some pretty big data consumption. The network would buckle.

If I am talking rubbish feel free to educate me. Ultimately I think it's kinda cool but impractical.


October 8, 2010, 6:04 pm

If they combined this with a freeview HD tuner it would be great with possible PVR functionality.

@Runadumb you can now get an only version of sky but i'm not sure if thats HD. Additionally you would go with an unlimited downloads package for broadband. On its own its not great but with something like a HD freeview tuner in I for one would get one.


October 10, 2010, 3:21 am

@ Stelph

Both ATV and GTV are expensive devices in my view.

GTV obviously lacks Netflix too but it offers a PVR, and PVRs are pricey everywhere. $300, so inc. VAT that's 200 quid? Not overly terrible value for money for a PVR with that bonus online/EPG functionality.

ATV is a streaming only device whilst touting its Netflix implementation as the best there is - that makes its absence even more frustrating. Let's call the US price with a middle ground sales tax about $107. That's £67 with Netflix compared to 99 quid without it. A hell of a markup with a vital component missing.

Just to be clear, I'm not being anti Apple TV here - as an iTunes box with the AirPlay functionality, it's a pretty elegant, discreet solution. I just can't see that the Netflix issue is a point against Google more than it is against Apple. If I'm honest, AirPlay (which, with HandBrake, would be a very potent combo indeed XD ) and the lower price in absolute terms makes me gravitate toward ATV. But like the 0.7 MP camera, just replacing the $ sign with a £ really rubs me up the wrong way.


October 11, 2010, 1:25 pm

@Goldenguy - Oh I agree with the Netflix argument, it is irritating that its something the AppleTV is pushed for when it isnt available overseas, and the price of $99 to £99 is irritating (which is why I picked mine up in the US when I was there the other week, however I do have to say the ease of its use and the potential of airplay does make me happy that I did buy one while I was there!

I admit, however, it is annoying to have to leave my PC on in order to stream my movies, rather than syncing or connecting to a NAS, perhaps that is another area where the Google TV will be better.

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