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Logitech Readying Harmony Adaptor for PS3


Logitech Readying Harmony Adaptor for PS3

Logitech has confirmed leaks from late last weak that suggested the company was to launch an adaptor enabling its Harmony remote control line to work with Sony's PlayStation 3. A console which, thanks to its use of Bluetooth for remote control, has been incompatible with any all-in-one remote to this point.

Speaking on the company's "Blogitech" (really?) blog, Logitech product marketing manager for gaming products Troy Petersen didn't give any of the information we really want, such as pricing or release date information, but did let slip a couple of snippets. For one, the adaptor will enable any connected Harmony to fully control the PS3 - including powering the console on and off.

Also a positive is that the PS3 Harmony adaptor won't take up any USB ports - or in other words it uses Bluetooth. Still, at least the remote can be hidden away from the console if desired; just so long as line-of-sight with the IR-transmitting Harmony is available.

The only potential stumbling point for Logitech is the pricing. As long as the Harmony Bluetooth to IR PS3 adaptor isn't overly expensive, it should prove a must-have accessory for owners of both a Harmony remote and PlayStation 3.


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March 23, 2009, 6:15 pm

An interesting but not unexpected move. Third party devices have allowed an IR all in one remote to control the PS3 over Bluetooth for a while now (http://www.ps3toothfairy.com/s..., but they're not quite as user friendly as they could be. If Logitech's solution is idiot proof and reasonably priced, it should be a massive hit.


March 23, 2009, 9:24 pm

Of course it'll be idiot proof :) They'll add it to their Harmony database so it shouldn't be any harder than setting up a CD player.

Not to sound ungrateful, but Logitech really took their time coming up with this. I imagine they've finally cottoned on to the demand for the 3rd party adapters, almost all of which are designed and built by a genius in his garage. Mine's an IR2PS3, all the way from Canada :)

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