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Logitech New Product Launch

Pocket Digital 130

Continuing with the subject of cameras, Logitech also announced its new Pocket Digital 130, which as the name implies, is a pocket friendly digital camera. This tiny camera, which easily fits in to any pocket, offers 1.3 megapixel resolution and features a built in flash. It has 16MB of built in memory, which should provide over 40 pictures in high-resolution or over 130 in 640 x 480 resolution.

Power is supplied by an integrated Lithium-Ion battery. The battery is charged via the supplied USB cable which is also used to transfer pictures to your PC. Logitech states that a fully charged battery should last for hundreds of pictures, even if you use the flash. The Pocket Digital 130 is Windows (98 or later) and Mac OS X compatible and comes with an easy to use software package that automatically transfers the pictures from the camera to a PC. The SRP of the Pocket Digital 130 is £99.99.

Expect a review of the Pocket Digital 130 shortly as we were given a review sample at the event.

Cordless Desktop MX for Bluetooth

The Logitech Cordless Desktop MX for Bluetooth features one of Logitech’s current range of wireless keyboards, but utilising a Bluetooth transceiver instead of the more common RF type. The mouse is the new MX 900 Bluetooth optical mouse, which can also be purchased on its own. The core of this package is the mouse charging cradle which is also the Bluetooth transceiver which enables your PC to talk to other Bluetooth devices.

Even though there are already a few Bluetooth wireless products similar to this set from Logitech, there have been a lot of teething problems with Bluetooth keyboards and mice. Logitech has bided its time and brought out a product that will work both in the BIOS and in DOS mode. You also get a PS/2 connector just in case your motherboard won’t boot without a legacy keyboard is installed. The SRP for the complete set is £149.99 and the mouse on its own is £89.99.


If you’re a style conscious PC user, then this next product should make you jump for joy. The diNovo is the latest keyboard product from Logitech and breaks new ground in the stylish peripherals arena. The keyboard is split into two separate parts, separating the numeric keypad (complete with LCD display) from the main keyboard.

Logitech even supplies a Media Center software package that allows you to use the keypad for music playback, picture slide shows and video playback control.

You can also use the keypad as a standalone calculator, but the really neat feature here is that you can pass any results back in to Windows. Other features include email notification and instant messenger notifications. The mouse is the same MX 900 Bluetooth optical mouse mentioned earlier. The SRP of the diNovo set is £199.99.


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