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Logitech Launches "Darkfield" Laser Mice


Logitech Launches "Darkfield" Laser Mice

You know the problem - you want a stylish desk and are fully aware glass is about as stylish as you can get, but you can't find a mouse that will work on glass. Not any longer, thanks to Logitech's ‘Darkfield' mice, the Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX.

The so-called Darkfield laser technology may sound a bit pseudo-scientific, but in reality the tracking is still done by your average, garden variety lasers - two of them, to be exact, working together. On glass these lasers work using dark field microscopy (hence the name) to track imperfections (scratches and cracks), rather than reading the surface proper.

The upshot of this Darkfield tracking is that Logitech's latest mice best even Microsoft's BlueTrack offerings. Although whether that will sway the 40 percent of people Logitech says have a glass surface in their home the way of a Darkfield mouse will depend on how many of those people want to use a mouse on said surfaces, presumably.

Working on glass may be the raison d'être of these mice, but that's not to say either is a one trick pony. The Performance Mouse MX, for example, features pressure-sensitive side scrolling in addition to hyper-scrolling and a micro-USB charger, which enables charging while still using the mouse. Both the Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX use Logitech's new unifying receiver.

At £89.99 for the Performance Mouse MX and £69.99 for the Anywhere Moue MX Logitech is inarguably placing a premium on its Darkfield technology. If you've got cash to burn, a stylish glass table and you need a mouse that works on it what other choice do you have?



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