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Logitech Denies Revue Production Halt

David Gilbert


Logitech Denies Revue Production Halt

It was reported earlier this week in DigiTimes that Logitech had asked Gigabyte Technologies to suspend shipments of its Revue set-top boxes, that power Google TV, from December through January. Today however Logitech has hit back saying it has no need to halt its production line.

The reason given for the supposed delay in shipment was so that Google could upgrade the boxes prior to leaving the factory. However a statement from Ashish Arora, vice president and general manager of Logitech's Digital Home Group, points out why Logitech would have no need to do this: “Those familiar with our product know that we don't need to modify the Logitech Revue box to deliver software enhancements. Each of our customers will receive periodic over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release changes to the Google TV platform.”

CES 2011 was meant to be a big deal for Google TV, with a host of new devices and software improvements due to be announced. Last week we reported that Google had asked some manufacturers to delay unveiling their Google TV products due to software issues. While there may be nothing to the rumours of a production halt for the Revue, the news of it cannot do anything for consumer confidence in a product that has been criticized widely since launch.

The Revue set-top box went on sale back last October and is one of only two such devices currently on the market.



January 5, 2011, 2:06 am

I don't understand what all the brouhaha is over Google TV being a horrible device. As a DISH Network employee I was able to play around with one before the product launched and I instantly fell in love with it. And as a subscriber of DISH, I was able to easily pick up the device at the $179 price point that DISH sells it for. The seamless experience with the full internet and access to my entire DISH DVR receiver have totally changed my TV experience. I'm still excited about the Revue and I purchased it back in October. This is the future of TV, and it's here now.

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