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Logitech Announces diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition


Logitech Announces diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition

We've already had the Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition but if that was too, well, edgy, for you fear not for there is an option. The diNovo Keyboard, as it is called, lacks some of the features and elegance of its Edge counterpart but comes in at a lower price to compensate. Horses for courses, as the saying goes.

Unsurprisingly for a Mac-centric keyboard, there's a bunch of dedicated shortcut keys for launching applications such as iTunes, Safari and iChat. There's also hotkeys for important MacOS functions such as Exposé, Dashboard and Quicklook, among others.

Apparently the keyboard also boasts "the classic diNovo design language" whatever that means in 'real' English. Admittedly the diNovo isn't unattractively designed, brushed aluminium palm-wrest and all, but I wouldn't say any language was involved.

Logitech claims a three year battery life, which seems a tad optimistic from a wireless keyboard, but even if it manages a third of that I can't see any owner complaining. There's no UK pricing as yet, but it seems a safe bet the diNovo will sit pretty close to its Windows-oriented counterpart which sits at around £70.


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November 11, 2008, 7:59 pm

The Mac version of the original diNovo Edge was a compromise seeing as they chose to dumb it down by replacing one of the original Edge's 'cool' features - the orange LEDs for the functions keys - with bog standard silkscreen printed F-keys instead. A better idea would have been to simply stick with the original design and to replace the Windows-specific keys with Mac ones and add support for it to their LCC software.

This newest addition looks like a tweaked version of the diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks. At &#16370 it's a bit more palatable that the first diNovo/Mac effort, although it will be interesting to see if high-ish price is reflected in the build quality and user experience, because at the end of the day this looks like just a regular keyboard with an aluminium wrist-wrest.

I assume by "the classic diNovo design language" they mean aluminium and Plexiglass and a 'premium typing experience', although this new model looks like they've gone with plastic instead of glass?

At least it's good to see Logitech adding more Mac products into their line-up.

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