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Logitech Announces DiNovo Edge 'Mac Edition'


Logitech Announces DiNovo Edge 'Mac Edition'

Logitech may have taken a while to realise it was just a tad behind the times with its distinct lack of Mac-friendly products, but it seems to be rectifying that problem with all due haste recently. Not only has a Mac-compatible Logitech webcam been released, but it now has a companion in the form of the eminently stylish diNovo Edge Mac Edition.

Changes from the Windows-centric diNovo are, as you might expect, pretty small. In fact aside from changing a few keys to their Mac-specific alternatives (command, option and so forth) the board in otherwise unchanged superficially. Then again, the original diNovo was left little improvement to be desired in that regard anyway.

As before, the keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to a computer but unlike the Windows version, no dongle is supplied - hardly a problem as every Mac sold for the last 4 years or so has had onboard Bluetooth. Logitech claims that a four hour charge of the diNovo should enable an entire month's unfettered usage, which probably equates a fortnight in real terms, which is hardly bad.

Price wise the diNovo Mac Edition is sitting at about $20 less than the Windows edition, in the US, so we're probably looking at £5 difference over here. Still, if you have £150-odd to spend on a keyboard, you could do a lot worse.

The Mighty Ben

August 7, 2008, 7:47 am

I don't think I'll be exchanging my original 'Edge for this! I have the dongle in my pc, and it already syncs with my Mac. Will be getting a PS3 soon and hopefully it will connect with that too. It's a shrewd move by logitech though, since this is a premium product and the Mac community are likely to lap it up.


March 26, 2009, 4:24 am

Six months on and it looks like Logitech have decided not to release this keyboard in the UK. You can buy a US version (sporting a hash key where the &#163 sign would be, and the differently shaped Enter key), but UK Mac users will have to make do with the 'diNovo Keyboard Mac Edition' which is basically a re-hash of the 'diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks' if they want a fully supported diNovo keyboard for OS X.

Good news is that the latest version (v2.7) of the Logitech Control Centre software for OS X now at least recognizes the original Windows version of the diNovo Edge keyboard and lets you see the remaining battery life and adjust the TouchDisk tracking rate. Unfortunately you still can't program any of the other diNovo Edge keys with OS X.

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