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Loc8tor Lite: Never Lose Anything Again

Gordon Kelly


Loc8tor Lite: Never Lose Anything Again

If you have a short term memory like mine then you're about to become very happy indeed (and then forget why).

Dubbed the 'Loc8tor Lite' (yes, we'll have to forgive it the horrible faux-text speak), what you see above is a 6mm thick. credit card sized device designed to help you instantly find any lost or mislaid possessions.

The way it works is beyond simple: the Lite pairs with mini homing tags (roughly the height of a paperclip and weighing 5g), these tags can then be attached to almost anything - from keys to pets' collars, remote controls, etc - using their strong adhesive strips. Each tag is assigned individually to a button on the Lite and when that button is pressed the user gets both audio and visual cues to point them in the right direction.

Accuracy is impressive too with parent company Loc8tor Ltd claiming the Lite will track possessions that are anywhere within 122 metres (400 feet) and guide you within 2.5cm (1in) of the item.

"We all know the frustration felt when we lose something we urgently need," said Anthony Richards, founder of Loc8tor Ltd. "The Loc8tor Lite is so easy to slip into your pocket you can be confident that, wherever you are, you'll be able to track down all those important items that never seem to be where you left them!"

As well as being a great time saver, at just £44.99 the Lite is affordable too - though note it ships only with two homing tags and two additional tags will cost an extra £24.99 separately. It's available immediately.

So finally a system which can save we goldfish from all our memory woes. That is unless, if you're anything like me, you lose the remote...


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