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Livescribe Brings App Store to Pulse Smartpen

Gordon Kelly


Livescribe Brings App Store to Pulse Smartpen

It seems everything has an app store now, doesn't it...

Latest - and perhaps most unlikely - to join this club is Livescribe, which has announced an application store for its Pulse Smartpen. Yes, you heard that right.

In actuality however this does make more sense than it first appears. Livescribe will use the store to provide Smartpen customers with access to over 30 paid and free applications to extend its functionality beyond the core ability to record and link audio to handwriting. Examples of this include translation tools to read and hear a phrase in Spanish, French, German, Japanese or Korean (Chinese? It's a biggie - just sayin'). Plus education tools to help with geometry and chemistry as you write it and games such as Blackjack, Video Poker and Hangman. There are even music apps!

"The initial set of more than 30 applications only begins to tap the potential of the Livescribe smartpen platform," said Byron Connell, chief marketing officer of Livescribe. "We look forward to seeing our community of more than 5,500 registered developers create, develop and distribute the next generation of innovative paper-based computing applications to come."

The launch comes as part and parcel of the newly launched v2.0 Livescribe software and proves one key point: there is and always will be a fine line between genius and madness. Where that line is, is up to you!


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