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Livedrive Challenge Mozy To Backup Battle

David Gilbert


Livedrive Challenge Mozy To Backup Battle

One online storage company is attempting to start a war of words between it and one of its competitors by offering disgruntled customers a 25 percent discount.

An email arrived in our inbox today with the declaratory subject line: “Mozy vs Livedrive : THE STORAGE WARS BEGIN.” Reading on, we discovered that online backup and storage provider Livedrive has jumped on its rival Mozy’s cancellation of its unlimited package by offering dissatisfied Mozy customers a 25 percent discount charging them just $50 per year. Livedrive has also pledged to maintain unlimited online storage for the next year.

Mozy changed its pricing and package structure on Monday, dropping its unlimited backup plan. The new package allows customers to back up 50GB on one computer for $6-a-month, or 125GB on up to three computers for $9.99-a-month. Those currently on a Mozy unlimited plan can keep their unlimited backup until the contract runs out. So, should you have paid a yearly subscription recently, you’ll continue to have unlimited backup for most or all of this year. For all other existing customers, the new plans will take effect on March 1.

Feeling left out because you are not a disgruntled Mozy customer? Fear not, as Livedrive has told us they will also be offering 100 free annual subscriptions to tweeters picked at random who follow the official Livedrive account and publish the following phrase: “Follow @livedrive_com and RT to win one of 100 free annual online backup accounts OR get 25% off here http://j.mp/eLUFd4”

Explaining the increase in costs, Mozy said that people are backing up more and more data every year driving up costs, however Livedrive CEO, Andrew Michael countered by saying: “It’s true that users are storing more and more data, but it’s also true that the cost of storage – both for business and consumers – is shrinking just as fast. The Livedrive storage platform is scalable and highly cost effective, but most importantly, it grows with our customers’ needs. It’s about being clever with what you do.”

Livedrive stores over 10 billion files from over half a million paying customers. Mozy users can sign up for Livedrive at the discounted price by visiting http://www.livedrive.com/mozy. While Mozy’s announcement will have disappointed many, Livedrive’s offer will be welcomed and could herald a number of offers from other competitors, such as Carbonite and Dropbox. We look forward to the battle to come.

Source: Livedrive

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