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Linn Akurate System Revamped

David Gilbert


Linn Akurate System Revamped

We should point out at the beginning that Linn, which is based in Glasgow, has been making serious sound systems for the past 30 years and it knows what it is talking about. That said the price of its newly revamped Akurate Music System is a shade over £12,000. That’s a lot of money to hear Cheryl Cole in all her glory in your living room – not that we listen to Ms. Cole (or is it Tweedy?) or anything.

Anyway, Linn announced the new-look sound system this week, giving it its first overhaul in 15 years, but I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The system comprises of three main sections. The Akurate DS player, the Akurate Kontrol preamp and the Akurate 242 Speakers.

At the heart of the Akurate System is a completely redesigned Akurate DS player which allows users to stream high-quality music downloads or ripped CDs which are stored on your home PC. Linn says the DS will convert these into "exceptionally faithful music performances.”

With no moving parts or on-board storage the DS will have significantly reduced noise distortion and with the advent of tablet computers and smartphones which can be linked to your music collection, control of the device will be a lot easier.

The Akurate Kontrol promises more control (who’d have guessed) with the analogue stereo pre-amp using the latest Linn switching technology and improved isolation to clean up sound.

Linn's Akurate 242 and 212 loudspeaker range have been given the once over aesthetically and they offer over 200 high gloss finishes to choose from which should keep even the most picking interior decorator happy.

Source: Linn

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