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Scarface: The World Is Yours

As the saying goes “why settle for one big name licence when you can have two?” and staying true to this motto, Vivendi and Radical also showed off Scarface: The World Is Yours.

Based on the iconic ‘80s Pacino movie, Scarface starts where Tony Montana’s story ends in the film – during the raid on his mansion that leads to his ultimate demise, shot in the back by a sneaky assassin. But you get the chance to rewrite the script and make sure that Tony lives.

Assuming you make it through the mansion raid, you then flee Miami, only to return after a couple of years of hiding out. Then the real game begins as you try to rebuild your cocaine empire and ultimately take your revenge on your Bolivian friends.

Scarface was originally scheduled for a 2005 release, but Vivendi and Radical have pushed it back to 2006. The reason for this is so that the game can benefit from the next generation of console hardware, rather than the current hardware that’s rapidly approaching end of life.

After watching the in-game footage that Vivendi showed the press, one thing immediately sprang to mind – Grand Theft Auto. It will be impossible for comparisons not to be made, since the look and feel of the game seems so similar to Rockstar’s classic series.

Of course the footage is pretty early and no doubt likely to change considerably before the game is launched on the forthcoming hardware. Radical promises a completely free roaming environment in which to build your drug dealing empire, before jetting off to Bolivia to settle some unfinished business.

Vivendi has managed to secure some impressive acting talent for the project including both Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia from the original movie cast, while James Woods and Robert Davi will definitely add some weight to the proceedings.

How Scarface compares to GTA when it finally appears remains to be seen, but if Radical can recreate the look, feel and style of the movie it could have a winner on its hands.



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