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Lenovo Unveils New Windows 7 PC & Laptop Ranges

Gordon Kelly


Lenovo Unveils New Windows 7 PC & Laptop Ranges

It said it would be just the first of many. Lenovo has followed the new Dell Z Series, by announcing its own line of snazzy Windows 7 laptops and - truth be told - they do look rather snazzy...

The company has this week gotten all kinds of official on its new IdeaPad and IdeaCentre machines and for those looking for a some stylish bargains your search may be at an end. Previously, leaked the 11.6in IdeaPad 'U150' and 15.6in U550 just the previously announced 13.3in U350 and carry the same textured look as well as Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Sadly Lenovo hasn't given us much in the way of other specifications, though we do know both models allow for up to 8GB RAM, have LED backlit displays. I'm guessing WiFi, a choice of HDD or SSD drives, HD capable graphics, extended batteries and the company's usually excellent keyboards will also make an appearance.

On top of this we the rather excellent looking IdeaCentre 'B500', an all in one machine with Core 2 Quad CPU, 1TB HDD, 8GB DDR3 and a 23in 1920 x 1080 LCD. Lenovo bundles a 4-in-1 remote control, VOIP handset and wireless keyboard and mouse too and proves Apple isn't the only company which can excel at design.

We're not finished here either since the IdeaPad 'Y550P' becomes the first Intel Core i7 equipped consumer laptop on the market (though it is in a tight race with the LG XNOTE R590}. Again all we learn of the specs are it has Nvidia 'discrete' graphics and 15.6in 'widescreen' display coupled with Dolby Home theatre surround sound.

On the desktop front, there's the high end IdeaCentre 'K300' (Core 2 Quad, RAID configured hard drives) and bargain based 'H230' which reveals nothing more than it is equipped with DDR3 RAM and has pricing starting from $299. Finally the U350 and S10-2 get superficial upgrades with a new range of cover textures and colours.

Thanks Windows 7...


Lenovo UK


October 28, 2009, 12:48 am

What about updates to the thinkpads? Thats what I'd like to see

Steve 30

October 29, 2009, 2:45 am

Same here. What's up with the thinkpad updates? A while ago there was a mention at a non-Lenovo thinkpad site of they're happening in the first quarter of 2010, but no news since then. Any updates on the updates? I'm especially interested in the predicted x210.

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