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Lenovo ThinkPads Garner Military Approval


Lenovo ThinkPads Garner Military Approval

If you're looking to solve the the common problem of needing to buy some laptops for the army with which you're planning to invade both the Serengeti and Antarctic and need systems that can take a bit of torture. Luckily for you, several of Lenovo's ThinkPad range have been certified by the US military for just such treatment.

Okay, so such thorough testing is outside the range of how most of us will ever use our laptops - until the air conditioning breaks in the middle of summer at least - but there's no such thing as being too prepared. Just check out the conditions in which you could use a ThinkPad X200, X301, X200s, X200 Tablet, T400, T500, R400 or SL300 should you so desire:

Low Pressure - Tests operation at 15,000 feet

Humidity - Cycles 95 percent humidity through the environment

Vibration (operational and non-operational) - Jostles and jolts the laptops to make sure they can withstand shocks

High Temperature - Simulates high heat conditions by baking the laptop up to 140°F (60°C)

Low Temperature - Tests operation at -4°F (-20°C)

Temperature Shock - Fluctuates between -4 and up to 140°F to test operation

Dust - Blows dust for an extended amount of time

Not exactly child's play, I'm sure you'll agree. And that's only the testing for semi-rugged conditions! I'll feel a lot safer taking my ThinkPad into the garden at any rate. Or at least I would if I had a ThinkPad - but you get the point.



March 2, 2009, 4:18 pm

I was a long-time ThinkPad user (1990's until last year). The machines can withstand one hell over a battering. I've only ever had one serious accident with a ThinkPad (I dropped it from about 5ft onto a very hard floor surface). The screen was fine, the chassis didn't bend or buckle and the machine booted up fine. The only damaged it suffered was a little but of plastic around the USB ports broke away - probably the only part of the laptop that wasn't strengthened!

I've supported ThinkPad's for at least 10 years and I've seen ThinkPad's survive being run over by a car as some dopey idiot forgot to put his laptop bag into the boot.

I'd hate to think what would happen to my Vaio Z series if I dropped it onto the floor. I suspect it would be a spectacular wreck!


March 15, 2009, 6:03 pm

I do hope Apple'll learn something from Lenovo.

(Note: my house is totally Apple-free, but I'm just well, you know, saying...)

If Lenovo's ultrathin X301 can survive this, Apple has no excuse for that pathetic hinge on the MBA.

Or is the hinges suffering from hormonal imbalance...?

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