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Lenovo S12 Delayed


Lenovo S12 Delayed

Lenovo had planned to launch the IdeaPad S12 "later this summer" with Windows Vista installed on it. Not any longer, according to Gizmodo. Now the system is being pushed back to coincide with the debut of Windows 7.

Lenovo's perfectly reasonable explanation is that Windows 7 on the S12 is a better experience that Vista. That's certainly not hard to believe and no doubt if Lenovo did stick to its original launch schedule a large number of buyers would have ended up waiting for the inevitable Windows 7 version anyway.

After all, Ion may make 1080p video playback possible, but the S12 still has 1.6Ghz Atom inside taking care of just about any other task. Windows 7 might not be able to turn an Atom CPU into a Core 2 Duo, but it will cause it far less stress than Vista.

Whether the S12 will be able to claim the "world's first Ion netbook" title is unclear now. Samsung has an Ion-powered N510 on the way, and HP is rumoured to be following suit. Not that being first is the same as being best, of course, but manufacturers do seem to love such bragging rights.



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