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Lenovo Readying Vaio P-Series Rival?


Lenovo Readying Vaio P-Series Rival?

Surprising as it may seem, Lenovo is apparently working on a rival to Sony's Vaio P-Series it's-not-a-netbook. So images snapped by Engadget in China - by a photographer who's apparently never heard of image stabilisation - would suggest, anyway.

Apparently snapped inside Lenovo's Beijing office, the device bears a distinctive Lenovo logo and appears to be clad in leather. The form factor, with a notably wide screen and no touchpad, leads to inevitable comparisons between this and Sony's Vaio P aside.

Whether the device is a prototype, a pre-production mock-up or even a product not far from retail is unclear. Certainly, there's been no official word from Lenovo that such a portable device was in the works.

Care to share your hypotheses?




March 13, 2009, 2:19 am

I hope this is not real, it looks plain ugly compared to the Sony.


March 13, 2009, 2:56 am

although i haven't used a P series i saw one in the sony store the other day and although i love high res screens everything was stuipidly tiny. and isn't the aspect ratio a little useless? it's crying out for more heigh imho.

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