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Lenovo Q100, Q110 Announced


Lenovo Q100, Q110 Announced

As promised, Lenovo has delivered the full details of its Q100 and Q110 nettops. Just as expected, the Q100 is Intel-based and the Q110 nVidia-Ion based.

The internals look like this:

IdeaCentre Q100

  • Intel Atom 230 CPU

  • 1GB DDR2 RAM

  • 160Gb hard drive

  • Intel Integrated Graphics

  • Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, VGA output

IdeaCentre Q110

  • Intel Atom 230 CPU

  • 2GB DDR2 RAM

  • 250GB hard drive

  • nVidia Ion chipset (1080p HD decoding)

  • Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, HDMI output

Internal differences aside, the systems are otherwise entirely alike. Both measure 6in x 6.3in x 0.7in and can be VESA-mounted. I think the chassis is stylish enough you'd probably want it visible, though.

The Q100 is noteworthy in its low power draw of 10W idle and 40W fully loaded. No figures are given for the Q110 - presumably Ion is a little more power hungry - but it should still be pretty frugal, and it does have the advantage of being able to play HD video.

No pricing or release dates yet, so feel free so speculate wildly.



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