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Lenovo Promises IdeaCentre Q100 & Q110


Lenovo Promises IdeaCentre Q100 & Q110

Sure, Lenovo could pretty much only tell us less about the IdeaCentre Q100 and IdeaCentre Q110 if it had only given us the names and no photograph to accompany them. That the teaser came via Twitter is something of an excuse, I suppose - it's hard to say anything worthwhile with a mere 140 characters.

Still, we're getting good at guessing what's inside nettops. Besides which, some might see calling these "some of the thinnest nettops in the world" Lenovo is handing over something of a clue. As a starter, I'll be utterly shocked if the Q100 and Q110 don't both sport Atom CPUs of some sort. Furthermore, as these systems look unerringly like a (very nicely) re-skinned version of one shown off by OEM Pegatron it seems fairly safe to guess the specs will match up.

As Pegatron's netbook - incidentally also touted as notably slim - came in both ‘standard' Intel-powered and nVidia Ion-powered configurations, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to think that difference is what separates the Q100 and Q110. Something of a stretch, I'll concede.

You don't need to be Veronica Mars to guess that the connectivity options offered by Lenovo's nettops will line up with those of the Pegatron system they're clearly based on. Pegatron's netbook featured an Ethernet, DVI and four USB ports at the rear, with a further two USBs under the front panel so we can expect the Q100 and Q110 to match up there.

As to pricing or launch dates? You're guesses are entirely as good as mine.


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