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Lenovo New Frontrunner As HTC Dismisses Palm Deal

Gordon Kelly


Lenovo New Frontrunner As HTC Dismisses Palm Deal

Despite protestations from everyone at Palm from its CEO to its budgerigar it is commonly known the company is 'open to approaches'. Sadly the company(ies) we'd like to see buy Palm are disappearing fast.

Following the news we-can't-build-an-OS-to-save-our-lives Samsung isn't interested because it prefers to concentrate on bada, the latest (and our favourite) company to pull out of the race is handset master HTC. "There just weren't enough synergies to take the deal forward," claims a Reuter's source, who declined to be identified because the talks were private.

Of course this may be shorthand for 'the debts are worse than we'd imagined', but HTC has publicly admitted it is interested in making its own operating system and to start from scratch would be hard. I'd urge it to reconsider.

Interestingly, the new front runner (previously linked Huawei - the world's second largest telecoms equipment maker - is also out the picture) is Lenovo. The company has been churning out impressive financial results recently, admits to over $2.4bn in net cash reserves alone and is looking to make a big splash in the handset market after buying back its mobile phone business late last year.

In an ideal world Palm would stay afloat and recover sufficiently to invest the time and money into webOS that it deserves. Unfortunately, much as we love Palm, that doesn't look set to happen so to whoever does eventually take the plunge: please treat it kindly.


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