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Lenovo Explains Pocket Yoga Concept


Lenovo Explains Pocket Yoga Concept

Satiating our curiosity, Lenovo has come good and explained just what the deal is with the Pocket Yoga system, photos of which were leaked and then leaked some more over the past couple of days. Speaking on the Lenovo Blog, Johnson Li, Director of Lenovo's Beijing Innovation Center, has explained that the system is, rather than an answer to other netbooks, "pocket-sized PC we developed about two years ago, well before the current netbook craze and the introduction of a similar form factor by one of our competitors."

The implication is that the yoga isn't ever going to find itself as a 'real' product. That isn't to say, though, that Lenovo might not now be developing the Pocket Yoga, or a similar system to meet the apparent market demand. As Li teases: "The 'Yoga' notebook experiment is finished, but the stories of new developed products from Lenovo's design teams are always happening."

Certainly, some of the features of the Yoga could prove interesting if they found their way into a more netbook-like system. The '360-degree soft hinge' for example, enabling the device to be used either as a 'normal' notebook or as a tablet PC, could work well with a touchscreen-fitted netbook. Likewise, the wrap-around band which transforms into a mouse when detached is a great concept.

It's a shame Lenovo isn't planning to sell the Pocket Yoga, really.


Lenovo Blog.


March 17, 2009, 6:43 pm

That mouse idea is brilliant!

the part of the double-fold hinge I like best is indicated in the thumbnail for the post - you can raise the kayboard a bit to make it easier to type on.

Despite the questionable screen aspect, I really like this form factor...


March 18, 2009, 1:36 pm

It's probably like a concept car. Designers go mad. We will see a slightly watered down version that's been filtered down through the accountants and management.

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