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Lenovo Expands Thinkpad Edge Range With 14in & 15in Models

Gordon Kelly


Lenovo Expands Thinkpad Edge Range With 14in & 15in Models

Remember the ThinkPad Edge? Now there's three of them...

Cashing in on the success of the original 13.3in Edge 13 (pictured), Lenovo late last week announced it is expanding the range to include the Edge 14 and Edge 15 - you got it: with 14in and 15in displays.

The extra size isn't the only difference, however, since the Edge 14 and 15 - along with the original Edge 13 are all getting kitted out with a choice of Intel's latest Core i3 and i5 CPUs, optional AMD discrete graphics and 5,400 and 7,200rpm HDD choices while Blu-ray drives and integrated 3G can be purchased as extras.

Interestingly, unlike typical ThinkPad models, Lenovo lets its hair down a little with the Edge range and includes HDMI connectivity while 7-in-1 multicard readers, WiFi and Bluetooth are all standard on top of the line's famed spill-resistant keyboards (trust me, I've put this to the test!) and new isolation key design. On top of this the Edge series also throws in a large mult-touch enabled touchpad.

The new (and upgraded) Edge range will come in a choice of red or black finishes and are available in the US immediately starting from just $599. We await UK/European launch details, but Lenovo tends to hit international markets fairly quickly so don't expect to wait long.

On the downside, I think this announcement pretty much hammers a final nail into the coffin of my beloved - yet hugely premium X Series. After all, it is 20 months and counting for a new model. I suspect I may as well give up all hope...


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