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Lenovo Announces 3D Capable Laptop

Gordon Kelly


Lenovo Announces 3D Capable Laptop

We half expected Sony's love affair with 3D to see it be the first to add a third dimension to its laptops, but surprisingly even Lenovo has now snuck in ahead. The 'IdeaPad Y560d' is another heavily customisable 15.6in machine, that is determined to show you 2D is isn't enough.

Breaking away from the usual Nvidia solutions we've seen up to now, Lenovo has instead opted for 'TriDef 3D' technology which uses ATI GPUs to create the hotly debated stereoscopic 3D effect. And yes you'll need active shutter glasses, though Lenovo does support ' TriDef Movie Player' and 'TriDef Photo Transformer' which both convert this content into 3D meaning your investment will be repaid.

As for the performance side, Lenovo offers an ATI Radeon HD5730 with 1GB RAM - not the fastest GPU on the block, but it should be enough to power most things given its 1366 x 768 native resolution. Intel HD graphics are offered as a cheaper option. Elsewhere you'll find an Intel Core i3-330M CPU (2.13GHz), optional Blu-ray drive and Lenovo's own 'RadidDrive' technology which marries a 32GB or 64GB SSD with up to a 750GB HDD in order to slash boot times.

Pricing starts from just $1,200, but will no doubt escalate quickly if you want any more than the basics. Shipping will starts this month and don't expect rivals (read: Sony) to be far behind.

Link: Lenovo UK

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