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Lenovo Adds Muli-touch Displays to X200 & T400s

Gordon Kelly


It's clearly laptop day...

Hot on the heels of the stylish (if heavily MacBook influenced) HP Envy range, today sees Lenovo unveil updates to its own dynamic duo adding multi-touch support to the X200 tablet and T400s laptop.

The multi-touch isn't quite dealt out equally with the X200 on the receiving end of two finger support and the T400s getting a more daring four fingers (not a word). As you would expect, these refinements come with Windows 7 installed - the first Microsoft OS to be multi-touch friendly. On top of this Lenovo will also introduce 'SimpleTap' (video of it in action on the pair), an application which will allow users to customise exactly what gestures do as well as providing shortcuts to Windows functions.

Elsewhere little has changed though the X200 does benefit from the option of a brighter 400 nit display which Lenovo claims is visible in direct sunlight (an ability still horribly overlooked by laptop makers in general).

Like the HP Envy laptops you'll have to wait until October (due to Windows 7) to get your mitts on these beasties, but that might not be a bad thing as with prices for the X200 and T400s starting from $1,729 and $1,999 respectively you might need some time to save up.


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