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Leica Readying Mirrorless Camera System?

David Gilbert


Leica Readying Mirrorless Camera System? [Updated]

A Spanish website, DSLR Magazine has quoted reliable sources in a story regarding Leica’s imminent release of a compact system camera (CSC).

The rumours surfaced once again by Twitter, which is fast becoming the de facto rumour mill for the technology world. The tweet by DSLR Magazine claimed: “Sources that usually are very well informed are telling us that Leica could have an almost ready CSC or mirrorless camera.” It went on, in a subsequent tweet, to say that while there is a possibility that the mirrorless camera from Leica could be a clone of Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds system, it would more than likely be a custom model.

Rumours that Leica would be getting into the CSC market have been around for some time and it has been suggested that its R range of lenses would be compatible with whatever system it came up with. The CSC market is obviously one which manufacturers believe has a big future considering the number of them jumping on the bandwagon, including Olympus and Panasonic with their Micro Four Thirds system, the Ricoh GXR system, Sony NEX models and the Samsung NX range variation.

While DSLR Magazine has been known for being a reliable source of information in the past, this is still just a rumour but with the other manufacturers getting a head start, if Leica is doing something in this space it needs to do it quickly.

Source: Leica Rumours via PhotoRadar

Update: Following the rumour appearing on Twitter and elsewhere today, Leica has issued a statement to clarify the situation:

"Leica has been producing mirrorless cameras since 1954 (starting with the M3, and even before this, if you consider the screw mount cameras). With the Leica M9, we have the most compact, full format, mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses on the market. Of course, we won't stop with the M9, but it is definitely too early to discuss a successor to this model.' So much for rumours then.

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