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Left 4 Dead 2 Launched!

Gordon Kelly


If you've noticed a general lack of productivity in your life this month it could be down to many things: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Movember (hint, hint, hint!) and in the case of today, this...

Left 4 Dead 2 (or L4D2 as everyone knows it) has launched today. Remarkably it is the sequel to Left 4 Dead and also involves a group of survivors fighting off endless waves of zombies following an apocalyptic pandemic.

Despite this, L4D2 does make one significant change to its predecessor: there's a story arc. Up to four players take control of four new protagonists and you'll fight five main campaigns through a shopping mall, amusement park, bayou, sugar mill and parish. Again the focus will be on co-operative gameplay and new weapons and additional types of infected (including 'The Jockey' which can leap on your back and control you - nasty).

Key to the first game's success was 'The Director' AI system, in L4D2 it has evolved further and now not only adapts the difficulty of infected waves based on player performance, but also can alter the levels themselves changing layouts, weather, lighting and more to make every session unique. Clever stuff.

On the downside, L4D2 has come in for criticism from hardcore L4D fans because developer Valve had marketed the original as a long term project with continuous content evolution. A sequel seems to quash much of that.

I'd be cross, but I'm too busy firing up the chainsaw...


Left 4 Dead 2 Official Homepage

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