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Lady Gaga and Polaroid Launch Trio of New Products


Lady Gaga and Polaroid launch Grey Label products

Not content with dominating the music charts, racking up record breaking numbers of YouTube hits, and shocking sensitive members of the public by wearing raw meat, Lady Gaga now wants to muscle in on the tech world by putting her name to a new range of products from imaging specialists Polaroid.

The Grey Label range has been developed over the last year with Gaga closely involved in the process the whole way, and the results currently consist of three products, the GL10, GL20, GL30.

Despite having very similar names the three products are all very different.

Polaroid GL10

The GL10 is a bluetooth portable printer that uses die-sublimation technology to create instant and hardy 4 x 3in prints. It should work with any Bluetooth enabled phone or other portable device, though Ms Gaga was quick to point out that the iPhone, with its nobbled bluetooth implementation won't work. Its expected to arrive in May and cost $149, which seems like a reasonable price.

Polaroid GL20

By far the most... well, Gaga, product is the GL20, which is a pair of sunglasses that reflect the world around you via LCD screens in the lenses and forward facing camera mounted in the frame. Based on a concept she came up with using a couple of iPod nanos, Lady Gaga thought it would be a good idea to make it into a product. We, on the other hand, wouldn't be surprised if these never see the light of day, given the product on show was still a prototype.

Polaroid GL30

The third and final product in the current range is a classic Polaroid instant camera with a modern twist. It incorporates a 12-megapixel camera and printer rather than the classic film based Polaroids of old. it can also be connected wirelessly for printing other images or uploading photos to your favourite sites.

Are you taken with the idea of having screens for eyes or flashing an old school Polaroid when you're next out partying? Let us know in the comments.

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