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LaCie FastKey Up To 100 Times Faster

David Gilbert


LaCie FastKey Up To 100 Times Faster

USB memory sticks have been one of the best inventions of the past couple of decades, allowing you to carry a large amount of data with you at all times. Small, light and very, very portable these devices have over time grown in size to basically represent small hard drives in your pocket.

LaCie, maker of all types of memory, has now announced the FastKey – an uber-fast, uber-sleek and uber-expensive memory stick for those people who just can’t wait for their files to transfer. The FastKey employs USB 3.0 technology in conjunction with SSD technology, seen recently in many high-end laptops, which can see you transfer 1000 MP3 files or five DivX files in just 60 seconds.

The FastKey however comes at a price, with the 30GB version costing a paltry £134.99, the 60GB version a bargain basement £214.99 and the 120GB version a snip at £394.99. While the cost may seem exorbitant for a memory stick, this little device does look very sleek and if the transfer speeds claimed by LaCie are true (and we’ve no reason to doubt them) then it is a serious piece of technology.

The FastKey takes up very little space - 26cm3 to be precise – which makes it extremely portable. USB 3.0 is ten times faster than USB 2.0 but this is not enough for the FastKey. Combining the performance of SSD, USB 3.0 and DRAM cache technology, the FastKey can write small files up to 100 times faster than your average USB 2.0 hard drive.

"With most flash drives, transferring a large number of photos and mp3 files can take a few minutes," said Luc Pierart, Business Unit Manager, Personal Storage, LaCie. "With the Fastkey, transferring small files is immediate. You can back up or share your music and photo libraries as you head out the door."

Another nifty feature on this device is the availability of software AES 256-bit encryption. This allows you to choose a particular amount of memory on the FastKey to password protect. This means you can share the device with friends for certain data but not all of it. LaCie FastKey also comes with 4GB of secure online storage from Wuala.

Check out the LaCie website for more information.

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