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LTE Successfully Tested At 1.2Gbit

Gordon Kelly


LTE Successfully Tested At 1.2Gbit

If you thought LTE had the potential to revolutionise mobile broadband you ain't seen nothing yet...

Dongle specialist Huawei has this week announced it has successfully completed trials of next gen LTE technology reaching speeds of an incredible 1.2Gbps - that's 1,200Mbit per second, vastly more than any virtually any domestic or commercial wired line.

Naturally enough the usual caveats to such tests remain: no other users on the network, perfect testing conditions, etc, etc. Though even then sharing such massive bandwidth would still result in rocket speeds for almost any number of users you'd care to throw at each cell tower. Furthermore, if you work on the same principle of 130-150Mbit first generation LTE virtually guaranteeing consistent 3-5Mbit performance then 1.2Gbit should mean at least circa 30Mbit per user!

That said, given first generation LTE is only likely to see niche deployment in 2010 before ramping up in 2011/12 and second generation LTE (300Mbit+) coming after that then 1.2Gbit LTE is surely a long way off. Which once again has us wishing the future would get off its backside and hurry up!


via Gigaom


March 25, 2010, 4:43 pm

I bet they'll still run one 128kbps ISDN line through a single content filtering server as the backhaul...


March 26, 2010, 8:50 pm

No offence to Huawei, but don't they make the ugliest of all the Mi-Fi devices - the only one available in the UK? They need to replace that horrid little buttonless Fisher Price toy with one of those cool silver credit card shaped ones with a proper a power button, that Verizon and Sprint use.

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