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LG's Optimus 3D Will Have YouTube 3D App

David Gilbert


LG's Optimus 3D Will Have YouTube 3D App

LG has officially unveiled the world’s first 3D mobile phone, the Optimus 3D and also announced it will feature a YouTube 3D app so you can get and share all the 3D goodness you want.

Just like the Optimus Pad which LG unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, the existence of the Optimus 3D has not been much of a secret, however the tie-in with YouTube is certainly news to us. While the Optimus 3D will enable users not only to capture and view 3D videos without glasses, it will now also allow them to upload and share them instantly with others via YouTube. The app while initially only appearing on the Optimus 3D will be seen on whatever other 3D devices we get to see in 2011, and believe us there will be more.

As for the Optimus 3D itself, it has a 4.3in WVGA glasses-free display and is being touted by LG as having a “tri-dual configuration.” Confused? We were too until we watched LG’s informative little video (see below) which explained that to help the Texas Instruments’ OMAP 4 dual-core processor, the Optimus 3D has dual memory channels and dual memory, hence the tri-dual label. The video also shows the Optimus 3D playing games and viewing content-heavy websites with minimal fuss compared to other “generic” devices - though we'd expect nothing else from an LG promotional video. The Optimus 3D also has a mini HDMI port and supports DNLA which will allow you to view all your 3D content on any compatible screen.

Of course it is the 3D aspect of this handset which will set it apart from other Android Gingerbread devices. 3D images can be created via a dual-lens 5 megapixel camera on the rear which also allows for 1080p 2D video recording and 720p 3D video recording. It also boasts “four times” as many video decoders as competing designs with support for H.264, H.263, DivX, MKV, WMV-9, ASF, AVI and 3GP – which is a welcome addition. The 3D experience is added to by way of a 3D hotkey, which will bring you to five dedicated 3D user interfaces - gallery, camera, games & apps, YouTube 3D and 3D guide.

Orange has also just announced that it will be bringing the Optimus 3D to the UK in Q2 on selected plans though no pricing has been announced yet. In related news, Orange has also confirmed the availability of the Optimus Black (which we saw at CES) also in Q2.

We will be getting a look at the Optimus 3D in all its dimensions at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and will be bringing you our first impressions and whether or not the 3D features will make this a must-have handset.

Source: LG and Orange

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