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LG Upgrades BL40, Nokia Reveals X6 Launch Date

Gordon Kelly


LG Upgrades BL40, Nokia Reveals X6 Launch Date

Looks like there is still time for manufacturers to drop a few more new handsets before Santa turns up on his sleigh...

LG and Nokia make the headlines today with the former looking to spruce up the BL40 with a new version and the latter finally revealing when we can get our eager hands on the X6.

LG first and it has announced the LG BL40 'Chocolate Christmas Edition' which means it comes in a round tin and makes you fat while watching the Doctor Who special gets a fresh lick of paint and an upgraded camera. The paintwork is a matter of personal taste, but the addition of gold accents simply makes it look like a giant After Eight to me while the boost from a five to eight megapixel camera will mean little if the image processing hasn't also been improved substantially.

Ed rather liked the original handset in our BL40 review, but I have to say its appalling UI means if Santa wants to drop one off to me this Christmas I'll be lighting the fire...

As for Nokia, it has announced 27 November will be the date the exciting X6 hits shop shelves. It will be exclusively available on Orange and available free from £35 a month, or free from £25 a month when you trade in an N-Series handset. Nokia will also sell it online sim-free for £449.

Excitingly, the X6 will be the first Nokia handset to feature a capacitive touchscreen (though still no multi-touch) and it brings with it a 3.2in display with 16:9 aspect ratio, 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens, 32GB of native memory and integration of the Ovi Store and Comes With Music.

In related news RIM has launched BlackBerry Sync 3.0 has which now supports syncing of folders and automatic photo optimisation to save space. As ever it will sync music with both Windows Media Player and iTunes. The latter never ceases to amaze me since Apple happily lets RIM do this, but stamps on Palm every time. All we are saying is give peace a chance...


LG BL40 Christmas Edition via unwired view

Nokia X6 product page

BlackBerry Media Sync


November 24, 2009, 11:47 pm

Apple lets RIM do it because it knows thir customers are mostly die-hards, but it at least gets iTunes revenue.

Palm, on the other hand, represent potential Jesus Phone converts...

Cynical, me?


November 25, 2009, 11:37 pm

I hope no gremlins have a nibble at the BL40, seems to much like a sweet treat...

Is it me or do I think Nokia using a 5mp camera for a flagship model suggest to me it's not all too keen to compete with the likes of Samsung and Sony Ericcson for the ultimate cameraphone? Maybe ditch it altogether and offer a separate camera dongle like the good ol' days? ;) I'm hoping the X6 will be cheap enough before me birthday so I can get the Nokia 5800 tbh.

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