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LG Unveils Stunning Touchscreen Smartphone, Wastes It

Gordon Kelly


LG Unveils Stunning Touchscreen Smartphone, Wastes It

There are many examples of wasted talent along the years from footballers to rock stars, but this one certainly ranks up there in the world of mobile phones...

Today LG has announced the 'Mini GD880' and it is quite possibly the best looking touchscreen smartphone made to date. LG doesn't release full specs, but also claims the Mini is the smallest and lightest 3.2in 16:9 touchscreen handset on the market and judging by the photos that looks a fair assertion.

Furthermore the Mini comes with 7.2Mbit HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, a five megapixel camera, "wide" (though unnamed codec support) and that often neglected old favourite: an FM tuner. Problem is it all suddenly goes very wrong. Reader question: what is the most important part of a mobile phone these days? All together now: the software!

The simple solution with the Mini therefore would be to drop Android onto it, yes? No. In fact what LG has done is install its own S-Class OS - and yes, that's the same horrible roots we have also seen a make a mess of exciting models such as the 21:9 screened BL40 and GC 990 Louvre.

Worse still, LG has this handset ready to go next month - and while I'm sure some advanced users will be happy to hack on an Android image and say job done, the rest of the long suffering public will simply have to suck it up and pray for sanity next time. *sigh*

In related news Samsung has also dropped a handset ahead of Mobile World Congress next week in the shape of the (admittedly pretty ugly) 'Monte S5620' and again it displays similar flaws to the Mini GD880.

Consequently hardware is nice: a 3in WQVGA display, HSDPA, WiFi, GPS and a 3MP camera boosted by face detection, smile shot and panorama modes. So why oh why stick to that horrible TouchWiz interface that has been plaguing Samsung handsets ever since we started to desire something more than a dumbphone slider? TouchWiz will haunt bada when it eventually arrives.

Bad LG. Bad Samsung!


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