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LG Unveils Solar Power Touchscreen Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


LG Unveils Solar Power Touchscreen Smartphone

Looking for a mobile phone that also likes to cuddle trees and French kiss pandas? LG has one for you...

While not quite going as far as the Sony Ericsson GreenHeart handsets, the 'GD510' or 'Pop' does make an honourable stab at combining features with environmental high fives.

On the features side you'll find a 3in WQVGA touchscreen, 3MP digital camera, Html supporting web browser and... and... and, well that's all LG has bothered to list. I feel reasonably confident suggesting 3G makes it aboard along with Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP plus a microSD expansion slot, but the 3MP camera suggests to me that WiFi and GPS in particular can't be taken as given.

Where the earth hugging comes in is LG will be offering an optional solar panel add-on that fits to the back of the handset and will charge it using either sun rays or artificial light. There's no word on just how fast the charging will occur, but it's a nice gesture we'd like to see widely replicated elsewhere.

The LG GD510 / Pop goes on sale in Europe in October. Don't expect a large price tag, but do expect me to update this with some more detailed specs once LG realises these things are kinda important!

Update: No 3G. Doh!



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