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LG Unveils 'Smart' Viewty Successor

Gordon Kelly


LG Unveils 'Smart' Viewty Successor

We got the Viewty II specifications through last month, but what about some rather tasty images and some linguistic tinkering?

Deciding that 'Viewty II' won't do, LG has rechristened the GC900 as the 'Viewty Smart' which may or may not cause a sunny disposition (apologies). More importantly however it looks great!

Measuring just 12.4mm thick and weighing in at a surprisingly light 90g, the Smart will pack a 3in WVGA (800 x 480 pixel) widescreen display, HSDPA, WiFi, aGPS and an eight megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach camera with Xenon flash. Other highlights include a mammoth 32GB of storage (microSD expansion still unknown) and native support for DivX playback.

As for the all important interface a '3D UI' will be used, something I suspect will be rather similar to the one used by the Arena which Sandra loves and I'm not overly enthused about. That said, with information and press photography flowing this freely it can't be long before LG throws out a release date and price so we can have a hands-on and see for ourselves.

One note of caution, the Orange branding comes from Europe so whether Orange UK actually has any sort of agreement for the Viewty Smart at this stage remains a mystery...


via PhoneArena.com

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