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LG Unveils Slim 5MP 'Black Label' Handset

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LG Unveils Slim 5MP 'Black Label' Handset

LG has always held its 'Black Label' range - which includes the Chocolate and Shine - in high regard, which is the only reason I can find for the pretentious staged unveiling of this follow-up...

Part two was made today (an Apple-esque 'Save The Date' notice was sent around to press early last week) and we've at last learnt something worth publishing. For start (and it's a good start to make) we've got images - front, back, open/closed - and news that it's a five megapixeler.

On top of this LG has announced there will be a reinforced glass touchscreen (yep, like you-know-what) and the shell is constructed from carbon fibre so it should be durable. Other than that all we can say is it's about as thin a 5MP handset as we've seen to date.

Not to take the wind out of LG's sails however I'd like to go a step further with a few well educated guesses to foreshorten this dragged out announcement:

*It will have a name not a number (Viewty, Prada, Shine, Chocolate-style)

*3G connectivity plus WiFi and/or GPS

*Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR

*A multimedia player for both audio and video files

*2.4/2.6in QVGA screen with 262k colours

*The main three buttons on the facia will be irritatingly touch sensitive

*Weight will be somewhere about the 100g mark

*It'll carry only a small premium on a reasonable 12/18 month contract

*Oh yeah, and it'll be here within two months.

I'll be grading myself when LG makes the final announcement on 24 April, but I'll bet you one thing now: I won't be far off...



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