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LG Unveils Chocolate 2

Gordon Kelly


LG Unveils Chocolate 2

When LG announced the Shine last month it was promoted as the follow up to the ubiquitous Chocolate. It turns out the model is more of a stylish step brother however since the Chocolate’s real successor has just popped out its head.

The KE800 will officially be known as the ‘Chocolate Platinum’, a name which makes about as much sense as the toffee silver or banana bronze but offers sensible upgrades all round.

For starters, despite still being a slider, the externals have had a significant redesign and even though the style over substance heat sensitive annoying buttons are still present the overall result is highly pleasing on the pupils.

The handset adds EDGE support while the internal memory is now up to 256MB and there’s an improved 2MP camera with autofocus and a macro mode. An FM radio makes it inside and finally a microSD expansion slot has seen fit to join the party.

MP3 and all the AAC formats along with their plused variants are compatible with the media player while Bluetooth stereo support means you can enjoy tracks wire free. Dimensions are more svelte than ever with the KE800 clearly able to vomit on command having dropped more than 50 per cent of its girth to result in a thickness of just 9.9mm.

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability but the KE800 sounds like a Q1 hottie to me and, who knows, this beauty may suddenly have the brains to finally pull in the directors not just their secretaries.



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